Eyelash /Brow Tinting, shaping & false lashes

In this course, you will learn how to carry out eyelash and eyebrow tinting, shaping of the eyebrows and applying false lashes.

What is included in the course?


All products and equipment will be included in the course.


  • Introduction to Eye Enhancement

  • Health and safety /standards

  • Client consultation /skin testing

  • Contra-indications and contra-actions

  • Client preparation

  • Eyelash/brow Tinting

  • Eyebrow shaping /Applying false lashes


  • Aftercare/homecare and rebooking of client

  • Very small classes

  • Manual for you to keep

Course Requirements:       Suitable for beginners. 

You will be required to have a patch test.
Course Fee: £95.00

Definition Brows

The wow factor eyes and brows
Develop skills in eyebrow definition creating fullness and definition.


What's included in the course :

Products and equipment provided whilst training

  • Introduction to Definition Brows

  • History of threading

  • Patch testing/Health/safety and hygiene

  • Anatomy and physiology (class/home study)

  • Client consultation

  • Contra-indications/ contra-actions

  • Procedures/client preparation

  • Eyebrow Tinting

  • Eyebrow shaping

  • Eyebrow waxing

  • Eyebrow threading

  • Eyebrow make up

  • Practical demonstration

  • Aftercare

  • Manual for you to keep


Course entry requirements:        No previous experience required.

Course Fee: £130.00


Individual Eyelash Extensions

We will be using LashFX
This course is about providing eyelash extension treatments involving the use of single eyelashes. You will learn to prepare the client, attach, maintain and remove single lashes.
A  popular treatment in salons, hairdressers, mobile therapists.


What is included in the course?


  • All products and equipment provided whilst training

  • Very small classes

  • Manual for you to keep

  • Introduction into eyelash treatments

  • Health and Safety /standards/hygiene

  •  Client consultation

  • Contra-indications Contra-actions

  • Product overview

  • Product application

  • Removals

  • Maintenance

  • Aftercare

  • Practical demonstration

  • Student practical


Course Entry Requirements:

Course Fee: £140.00

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